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FireMaple Fixed Star X1 Cooking System


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Fire-Maple Stoves are leading the industry heat exchange technology that minimizes wind impact and reduces boiling times by up to 30% compared to traditional backpacking stoves.

All accessories including stove, pot, pan support, canister stand and fuel canister(NOT included) fit into the 1-liter cook pot. This item weighs only 22 oz!

The 1 liter cooking pot and the stove are one integrated unit, the built in piezoelectric ignitor ignites the stove instantly.

The sturdy, hard anodized aluminum pot features a locking stainless steel handle for secure and safe handling, this combined with the insulating neoprene cover on the pot will ensure years of safe outdoor cooking.


Material: Anodized Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Silicone / Copper

Power: 2200W | 7500 BTU

Weight: 511g (18.03 oz)

Fuel Type: Isobutane Gas Mixture

Size: Folded 128 X 173 mm

Boil Time: 1min 42sec per 0.5 liter


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