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KZM Ignis Coating Griddle Mini


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They are made of high ceramic coatings and solid black-skinned iron plates that do not require cumbersome sizzling, and offer a more delicious taste for new ingredients.

  • Product name : Ignis Coating Griddle mini
  • Model No : K20T3G003
  • Weight : 1.1kg
  • Material : blackiron, Stainless Steel
  • Component : Griddle, tong handle, Marlins, Caribags
  • Size : Used -27.5x22x(h)1.5cm (including handgrips) / Storage - 29x23x(h)2.5cm / Thickness-(t)3mm
  • Origin : Made in Korea
Ignis Coating Griddle mini Please read before use
  • Cautions for use (common)
    -  Not for use other than this product.
    -  Be careful not to reach the child.
    -   Do not place cooking tools and spoons in a dish during heating or immediately after heating.
    -   When using microwave, check if the container is available and open the lid to use.
    -  Cooking time depends on the microwave used, so please check the W count before adding it.
    -   Be careful of burns when you remove it from the microwave or when it opens.
    -  Do not use oven and oven toaster.
    -  Be careful when lifting or moving while heated.
    -   In case of metal materials, rough tools such as steel wool can cause scratches.
    -   If there is a strong impact/friction, it may cause distortion or damage to the surface.
    -   If stored with salt or food on it for a long time, it can cause bacterial reproduction and decay, so clean and store it.
    -   When storing, wipe with a soft wash, remove moisture, or dry completely in the sun.

    How to use stainless steel
    -   For first-time use, add vinegar with boiling water and wipe it clean with soft sponges after about 30 minutes.
    -   Due to the nature of the material, use rough tools such as iron scrubbing.
       Please refrain from using warm water to sufficiently soak in warm water to wash with soft water.
    -  Differents of rainbow light or white spots are caused by the formation of an oxidizing film when water and oxygen meet.
       Sometimes, stainless steel is only harmful to the human body. In this case, using vinegar water or cleaning with a baking soda,
       stainless steel detergent is effective.

    Cautions when using the burner
    -   Gas containers must be correctly assembled on the valve before using it.
    -  Combine and separate gas containers in a place with no fire and good ventilation.
    -   Do not use more than one side by side. Risk of explosion.
    -   Do not cover, enclose, or use the entire product with aluminum foil and stone or iron plate.
    -  Do not use a container with a diameter of 25cm or equal to 25cm.
    -   Do not use in unventilated rooms, tents, vehicles, etc. Lack of oxygen can pose a life risk.
    -  Do not move or move the product while in use.
    -   Do not use a wind shield that covers the entire product.
    -   Do not use it for anything other than cooking (such as charcoal, briquettes, charcoal heating, etc.).
    -   Do not use on the beach below the sun (direct sunlight) or on the sand near the beach.
    -  Use the stove, fire, and flammable phosphorus at a distance of at least 2m and at a distance of 50cm or more from the wall.
    -   Do not touch the product while it is in use or immediately after use. Risk of burns.
    -   When igniting, never close your face and hands near the product.
    -  Do not modify or repair products arbitrarily.
    -   After using the product, remove the gas container and store it after it is completely.
    -   When moving or moving a product, do not hold and move the valve (hose).
    -   Be sure to use protective gear (gloves, etc.) when inspecting and repairing the product.
    -   Use the product in a horizontal position. Do not use in unstable areas.

    Cautions for using BBQ items
    -  Do not use this product for anything other than this.
    -   Avoid use in locations where there are differences and on vulnerable ground.
    -   If used beyond the internal load of the fireplace, the product may be damaged. Be careful about the fire
       on the burn and surrounding items as charcoal may burn during the fire.
    -   Be careful about humid weather that charcoal burns.Be careful that BBQ does not fully apply the
    - Charcoal fire, which may cause burning.
    -  Take care not to allow children to play around when ignition.
    -  Be sure to use a grill or container when using the charcoal.
    -   Remove the flame completely for fire safety after use.
    -  When washing, check that the heat is cold before washing.
    - The mesh network is a consumable that needs to be replaced (this is a caution for the light campfire).

KZM Ignis Coating Griddle Mini use on stoveKZM Ignis Coating Griddle Mini size

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