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KZM Union Iron Mesh 3 Folding Table


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The Union Iron Mesh 3-fold table, which is highly utilized as a mesh shelf with four-speed adjustable height, has increased heat resistance and corrosion resistance through the application of heat-resistant, moisture-resistant paint, and is made of iron mesh material of 30kg of internal load and is safe to use.

BBQ Plate compatible with this table can be found here.

Extension Leg compatible with this table can be found here.


  • Product name : Union Iron Mesh 3 Folding Table
  • Model No : K20T3U005
  • Weight : 5Kg
  • Load capacity : 30Kg
  • Material : Table - Aluminum, Steel, Plywood / Mesh Shelves - Mesh / Cariback - Polyester
  • Component : Table, mesh shelf, caricature bag
  • Size : Upon installation-120x60x(h)29/40/55/66cm
  • Origin : Made in China
Union Iron Mesh 3 Folding Table Please read before use
  • Cautions for before use (common)
    -   Avoid use in locations with faults and on vulnerable ground.
    -  Do not stand on top or use as a support.
    -  Do not use more than the internal load of this product.
    -   Be careful not to focus your shock or load on one spot.
    -   Be careful not to get caught in your fingers or hands during assembly, storage, etc. In particular, do not assemble or store children.
    -   Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or use in rain.
    -  It's not a cut-off material, so stay away from fire.
    -   When stored after use, the contaminated part must be cleaned and collected for longer life.

KZM Iron Mesh 3 Folding Table lifestyle pictureKZM Iron Mesh 3 Folding Table in low heightKZM Iron Mesh 3 Folding Table adjustable heightKZM Iron Mesh 3 Folding Table packableKZM Iron Mesh 3 Folding Table bagKZM Iron Mesh 3 Folding Table dimensions

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