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KZM Solid Air Tube Mat


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It is an auto-inflatable air tube mat that can be used without hassle as the air is automatically breeze in when the cap is opened. It is an air tube mat that allows you to rest comfortably even with a small back by using soft fabric and foam. The thick 5cm thickness insulates the cold and moisture from the ground, and can be used comfortably even on uneven floors. Material coated in PVC is resistant to moisture and contamination. Is available in two sizes, single and double.


  • Multiple mats can be joined together with 6 connectable buttons
  • Automatically filling air when the cap is released.
  • Compact packaging for easy storing.
  • Model No: K20T3M001
  • Weight: Single - 1.8kg / Double - 4kg
  • Material: 75D polyester pongee, Non Slip polyester pvc coating
  • Component : Air mat, Rubber band, AS kit, Air pump, Carry bag
  • Size : Single - Upon installation-190x66x(h)5cm / Storage-16x16x(h)66cm Double - Upon installation-190x133x(h)5cm / Storage-22x22x(h)66cm
  • Origin: Made in China

1) Open top cover to inflate the mat (Left)
2) Open the bottom cover to deflate the mat (Right)

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