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Land & Sea Rock Spike Fishing Boot


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Land and Sea @ Rock Spike Fishing Boot 

Adrenalin Rock spike fishing boots by land and sea sports (Home grown brands Australia) are one awesome piece of footwear that is an absolute must if you are a rock fisherman!

This is such a small investment for a rock fishing boot that is going to provide you maximum protection against slipping on the rocks on slime or muck, taking a fall and hitting your head rendering you unconscious or possibly breaking a few bones. Perhaps a freak wave comes and hits you? The Adrenaline rock spike fishing boots may help you retain your grip on the rocks in situations like these.

By no means are these rock spike fishing boots guaranteed to save your life or provide 100% protection against falling if you find yourself in a situation like these however they offer a whopping amount of extra protection that could be beneficial in such a compromising situation compared to if you were wearing standard footwear or no footwear at all.

Rock fishing is a very dangerous activity and is responsible for multiple deaths each year. So, make sure you are kitted out with as much protection as possible and that includes wearing a life jacket!

Adrenalin Rock Spike fishing boots are designed to last and withstand harsh treatment and these heavy duty boots boasts a comfortable 5mm neoprene thick body along with reinforced thick rubber soles that have hardened steel spikes incorporated within the sole that is going to provide you with maximum grip when walking on or fishing from the rocks. Adrenaline has also thought hard about using these boots around saltwater and has therefore implemented YKK Zips on these fantastic rock spike boots.


  • Heaps of hardened steel spikes integrated into the sole of the rock spike boot
  • High top style cut fishing boots made with 5mm quality neoprene
  • Quality construction with size Zipper Entry (YKK wetsuit zipper – Non corrosive) along with a reinforced zipper base
  • Rigid sole – rugged traction tread

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